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4/15/10 | 12:12 PM


The redesign is done with a few minor bugs here and there. I've been updating content as well, so that's another reason for the delay. I was hoping I'd be done by now. Some things never change--for example, you never remember how tedious, frustrtating, and time-consuming it is to create a website until you sit down and do it. You think you'd learn after a while, but noooo...

If you'd like to see the almost-done site, go here and take a look. Feel free to let me know what you think.

Signing off... and finding some food.

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Digital Painting Motion Hinchliffe: Quadrants


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Welcome to Testing 123 Studios, created by me, Shannon (also known as pencilmonkey). I am currently attending Johnson State College in Vermont for fine arts.

Testing 123 Studios is a collective site where I can present my work and experiments. Future projects include comics, lengthier stories, and possibly an animated series.