Page Experiment

This took about... eight or ten hours? It got to the point where my mom was telling me to take a break so my eyes didn't melt out of my head.

I drew the page by hand, scanned it, then inked and colored entirely in Photoshop. I don't usually like inking with my Wacom because it takes FOREVER, but in this case it was necessary. Digital inking lets me fine-tune my lines to exactly how I want them, and I'm a perfectionist, so everything works out.

This scene has been in my head for a while, from a story where Kiah is older and a more central character. I love Ql'thal, he doesn't take any crap. Also, I never envision him needing to open his mouth to talk, he just does so when he's angry.

Kiah and Ql'thal are friends, just to make this clear. Sometimes though, friends need to cut the crap and make a point, like Ql'thal is doing now.

Who could they be talking about? Hmmmmmmmm.

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