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4/15/10 | 12:12 PM


The redesign is done with a few minor bugs here and there. I've been updating content as well, so that's another reason for the delay. I was hoping I'd be done by now. Some things never change--for example, you never remember how tedious, frustrtating, and time-consuming it is to create a website until you sit down and do it. You think you'd learn after a while, but noooo...

If you'd like to see the almost-done site, go here and take a look. Feel free to let me know what you think.

Signing off... and finding some food.

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4/9/10 | 6:50PM

Sooooooooo. What's up?

Seriously though, I'm ashamed. This is SAD. I used to be so proud of my little website, and then I went and forgot about it. Well, I didn't forget, but I ignored the gnawing sense of guilt and/or responsibility that made me keep it somewhat up to date.

So what finally got me to start paying attention? I have to apply for my BFA, which means... PORTFOLIO REVIEW! And how embarrassing would it be to present a web portfolio a year out of date? CAWD must be so ashamed of me.

So that means there will be a LIGHTNING FAST REDESIGN (I'm serious this time, it's coded and everything) and hopefully a considerable revamp of the material presented. SOMETHING NEW! Holy cow!

Alright, I'm off to eat dinner. See you guys again soon--I PROMISE.

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Rip Van Winkle

9/14/09 | 1:51PM

I find it highly ironic that my last update in May (how many months ago?) is titled "Surprising Progress". From now on I should refrain from putting any false promises regarding time or deadlines in my titles.

That being said, (and yes, I know I always say this) I've been pretty busy. Graduated high school, competed in SkillsUSA, started college, played too much Ultimate Frisbee, etc. But now that things have somewhat decided to return to a caricature of a schedule, I should be able to weasel in some time to do all the things I need to do around here.

Thanks to all you guys that have stuck around, you know who you are :) Peace out!

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Surprising Progress

5/11/09 | 9:15PM

Whew! So this redesign is proving to be a snap. Doing some final tweaking tonight and hopefully will be posting snapshots soon!

Cheerio! (Feeling British tonight, I suppose... off to have some tea.)

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Impending Madness

5/07/09 | 10:30 AM

Well, after another complete lull around the site, I'm wondering if it's because I'm not happy with it. That's right folks--I'm considering another redesign. This one is simply too complicated and not very professional. I need something cleaner and I need to get around to posting some actually decent work.

I will try to make sure that this next redesign transition is not nearly as painful as last time. If everything goes as it should, it'll just be one clean change. No promises though.

Waiting for something funny to happen to me, and then I'll do another comic. >_> Also, when I'm happy with a layout, I'll post some sneak peeks.


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3/23/09 | 11:00 AM

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3/18/09 | 1:30 PM

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Hoo Boy

3/12/09 | 12:00 PM


I didn't fall asleep until twooooooooooooooooooooo in the moooooooooooooooooooooorniiiiiiiiiiiing...

This is ridiculous. It's going to be another Friday the 13th tomorrow! It had better not be as bad as the last one--I didn't mention that my poor mom managed to break her ankle later in the evening of the same day. >_< So nothing had better go wrong.

I vote that we shouldn't have school tomorrow. Leaving the house could be too dangerous.

Stay tuned... hoping to have more updates relatively soon.

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Digital 2d Update

2/13/09 | 10:25 AM

Whoo. It's definitely Friday the 13th... had a really rough morning. Woke up 20 minutes before the bus came, had to make the bus wait for me while I ran back to my house to get my backpack, which I had forgotten, and then left all my coffee on the bus. Didn't get to eat breakfast until ten minutes ago.

So, I'll be off to get some crappy cafeteria coffee in a minute, but before I do, direct your attention to the gallery updates--there's a new digital painting. I did a sketch, scanned it in at 600 dpi, and then painted over it in Photoshop. I'm incredibly pleased with how the detail came out.

Have a hopefully not so unlucky Friday :) See you all later.

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Photography Update

2/02/09 | 12:15PM

It's been pretty quiet around here since the redesign, but I've added a new photo to the photo gallery, which you can get to via my "recent work" thumbnails. I stood at a busy street corner with the camera shutter open for about thirty seconds as people drove by. As a result, I captured the "light trails" that the head lights left behind while the tripod kept the camera at a completely still and unchanging scene. The final picture is pretty cool, and I'm going to try some more stuff with "light painting", so we'll see what happens.

Off to eat a bagel. Om nom nom.

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1/22/09 | 12:00PM

Whew! Everything is finally done. I'm going to be adding or recycling work in the galleries eventually, but I'm ready for a break. Also, I fixed the navigation so that you should be able to look at this site in all recent browsers.

Gotta get back to modeling a bowl of fruit for a group project in class. See you all later!

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Hauling Butt

1/19/08 | 6:30PM

Holy heart failure, Batman. I'm pooped.

On that note, only the web section remains to be renovated, which will hopefully be completed sometime tonight. All the images are ready, it's just code crunching time, but I've been doing that for the past couple of hours and I'm thinking it's about time for a break.

For the friends of mine who keep harrassing me about this--NO I DON'T HAVE AN RSS FEED YET, ARRRRGHHH. Nor do I have a comment section. I swear, one day I'll live up to half the crap that I say I'll do. At least all of the required stuff was done Thursday-ish.

In other news, acryllics are the devil. I've been attempting another painting and it is KILLING me. UGH.

Thanks for your patience, everyone. Hope you like the new design!

Peace out.

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I Return From the Dead

1/13/09 | 10:50AM

So basically everything I said in the previous post was a lie. That being said, HAPPY NEW YEAR and welcome to the beginnings of the new Testing 123 Studios! This madness will be completed by this time next week, if not earlier. Things will be patchy or broken possibly, so bear with me, things will be done.

There is no writing or photography section just yet--those links are dead. Clicking on them will do you no good. :( They will be up ASAP!

As for that comic I promised would come way back in early November, it's still in my sketchbook. Honestly. I know, I'm a bad person... making empty promises all over the place. This will be remedied.

Wish me luck! See you all later!

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Continued Experimenting

11/17/08 | 4:50PM

Sorry, no new comic yet--there's one in the works, I promise. Until then, I'm going to direct your attention to the gallery updates, as I've added a new experiment in Flash to the Web section.

Also an early warning: Testing 123 Studios is going to be suffering through a full redesign hopefully sometime by December. There are a couple of reasons for this, some being:

Hopefully I'll be adding a comment section as well so that you can just post comments directly on the site instead of emailing them to me. That way you can see what other people think too! Fun, huh?

Anyhoo, I have that comic to finish and some homework to do, so I'll update later. See ya!

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11/06/08 | 12:18PM


I had this conversation with Katie while getting ready for a dress rehearsal, hence the lack of glasses and wig.

Opening night tonight--hopefully I won't die after this show. Hopefully I'll have more time for comics... we'll see how much homework I have to catch up on :(


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Dangerously Delicious

10/29/08 | 10:34PM

Dangerously Delicious

True story.

I've been SWAMPED lately. If you're in the South Burlington area or if you like a good musical, you should come see our production of Into the Woods. I'm Rapunzel! :B

That being said, as soon as the play is over, I'll have tons more free time and hopefully more comics. Thanks for sticking with me!

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Pokemon Breeding

10/08/08 | 7:00PM

Pokemon Breeding

I've been on a huge Pokemon binge lately, and I just realized that Pokemon breeding is really weird.

Also, happy birthday to my friend Greg, the inventor of Pointy Paul.

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10/03/08 | 8:50PM

Hello! If you want to listen to me when I'm tired and half out of my mind and trying to draw during an artist's block, click here!

I did another one of these (with no audio) at school. Go to "Assignments", "Student Work", "sedmonds" (near the bottom), and then week_6. It's the "jing_test" file.

Hoping to have more comics ready...soon...? Busy. Again. ARGH.

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Where Is the Time Going?

09/17/08 | 8:31PM

Wrong Career

(The lightbulb first shows up here.)

Seriously, this is getting ridiculous. I need to get my butt moving on Ghouling. That, and I really am supposed to be writing an essay, so... I should go do that.

Probably some time around now.

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Water Cooler

09/08/08 | 12:32PM

Water Cooler
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Banana Slap

09/02/08 | 8:41PM

Banana Slap

I have weird friends.

School's really starting to pick up, but I have a couple more comics that I know I want to do, so keep your eyes peeled. I should really look into that RSS feed...


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Back to School. Really.

08/29/08 | 10:04AM

Hooray! CAWD has resumed! I'm back in school and slowly regaining both comfort and confidence in what we're doing.

To prove this, I'm going to point your attention to the gallery updates, as I've picked up 3DS Max again and attempted an animation. Not bad? Definitely not great but hopefully not bad.

Back to doing school work!

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First Day

08/26/08 | 12:13PM

Sooooo today was the first day of school for South Burlington, but not for CTE, so I'm at school sitting around all day. It's pretty awesome so far.

Here's a comic I did for a buddy. The thing below was a continuation of the idea.

First Day

I'll finish them (maybe) later. Off to find some lunch.

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Back to School

08/24/08 | 3:50PM

Back to School

I hope I'm not the only one who feels this way.

Also, if you haven't checked yet, take a look at the gallery updates--there's a new Flash experiment there.

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New Scanner!

08/22/08 | 5:22PM

Man it's been a while! Between a lack of time and scanner, there wasn't much to do around here, hence the long spell of inactivity. But I have returned with a comic in tow!


If you are thinking now, "Silly Pencilmonkey, Bernie's not a scanner, he's OBVIOUSLY a printer," then you're kind of right, he is, but he's a scanner too. So I WIN.

I suggested to my dad that we should give my old scanner a Viking funeral, but since that entailed setting it on fire, Dad vetoed the motion. I was sad.

Also I've pulled out my old Ghouling comics and started finishing them up (I've a bunch left to ink that I didn't know about, ugh), and I'll have them up soon I swear! Really! ^_^;;

And speaking of comics, please please PLEASE check this out. It's a comic by my buddy Jon at school. It's dark and mysteeeeeeerious. And amazing. Don't forget amazing. READ IT!!

Later all!

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Seriously. Do it.

08/13/08 | 11:34AM


So I did my homework and now feel like a bit of an idiot. Why would Alan Moore write a Batman story? Hmm. Maybe because he worked for DC Comics? I'm such a moron.

Embarrassment aside, I hunted down Watchmen for about $20 and it was worth it. It's too long to read eight times in a row like I did with The Killing Joke, but I'm planning on reading this again ASAP.

I wish I had the guts to write a character like Rorschach. (It's pronounced ROAR-SHACK. I didn't know how to pronounce the name properly until about halfway through the book. My idiocy continues.) He's... well, you have to read the book. Either way, I feel better about seeing the movie now that I've read the book. I just hope that Mr. Moore doesn't snap and kill someone after the reactions he's had with other movies made from his stories.

That's all I have for now. Later all!

PS: This book is NOT for someone looking for a silly comic book full of butterflies and rainbows. It's about the dark and gritty side of humanity, the distortion of right and wrong, and our desperate search for meaning in a cruel and unforgiving world. Approach with caution and handle the book gingerly while wearing rubber gloves. If it gets to be too much, just put it down, go outside, and tell yourself, "It's only a book."

And if you suddenly ask yourself, "Is it, though?", then Moore has won.

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08/11/08 | 5:09PM

My scanner has decided to be completely incompetent and uncooperative, so this comic doesn't look too good. I took a picture of it and Photoshopped it so it was somewhat readable. Blame the scanner.


Alan Moore was the maniacal mastermind behind V for Vendetta. That, and he's a Brit, so why he wanted to do a story for an American superhero is beyond me, but hey, it was still a good read and I highly recommend it.

I know, I know, unfunny comic. Booooooooo! Here's a funny picture instead:


Courtesy of my friend Austin, who is ridiculous.

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08/09/08 | 9:32AM


Seriously. Between college Ethics and other adventures, I had no time to be a geek and update my site yesterday. I caught this crazy article, though.

I'll be around later. PS- notice that because I was so lazy, this comic is entirely digital? Saaaaaaad.


08/07/08 | 8:07M


I'd like to turn your attention to the gallery updates, as I have a new piece in the digital gallery. That took up most of my day yesterday when I should have been working on some other things, ie chores.

As for a "real" job, check this out. Obviously it's not done yet, but I'm getting there.

Speaking of the "real" job, time to go to work.

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Cartoonist Kitteh

08/06/08 | 11:58AM

Edit! 11:28PM

Wow. Almost exactly twelve hours later I have something worth showing. I'll post this in the digital gallery tomorrow, but you lucky people get to see it now! How lucky you are! Reflect on your condition of being so lucky.

No comic today, I got bit by the lazy bug. Admittedly I DID want to update Ghouling seven days a week when I first began planning the project, but that's just impossible for my current lifestyle. Eitehr I'm too busy or just artistically blocked.

Still, I put together this silliness for whoever's looking. Everyone, meet my kitty Mittens. She's the older, sweeter, and senile one. My other cat, Tango, refuses to be held without a blood sacrifice.

Cartoonist Kitteh

I'm busy doing REAL WORK today, like site design, so maybe a comic will get done, maybe not. I'll at least TRY to think of a way to post Ghouling sometime soon.


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08/05/08 | 8:53PM

So along with doing my blog, I'm going to post the most recent entry of the blog on the home page. Eventually this idea will turn in to the most recent of whatever project will be hosted on the home page, or some sort of notification. ANYWAY. New comic!



Sometimes I hear my drafting teacher laughing at me in the night.

It might be a little unclear on what I mean, so just in case I'll elaborate. I hated drafting not because I was bad at it, but because it seemed obscure and useless to me. Then I realized that if I did cartooning the old fashioned way, the way I'd always envisioned myself doing, I'd be using all of my "obscure and useless" drafting knowledge. It's to the point where I almost refuse to work without my drafting table, T-square, and frumpy drafting tools.

Bites, don't it?

I also noticed that if I inked my hair, then people thought I was saying I had black hair. I didn't mean to, and I don't. So I did something different this time.

A lot people have said, "Wow, these are cute, but when are you going to do X Y and Z? I'm really looking forward to that!" So... I don't know how much longer I can get away with this experiment, even though I'd like to. I'll work on X Y and Z, I promise. ^_^;; Ooh, I've also heard a request for an RSS feed, which I don't really know much about, but I have lots of other geeky friends who do! I'll work on that too. There's a pretty good chance I'll be learning how to do an RSS feed in school, too, but a friend showed me some of the code and it doesn't look too evil. A sacrifice to the heathen gods should do it :P

I'm not exactly sure where this came from--probably lack of sleep. Anyhow, CAWD went to SkillsUSA this year for Quizbowl and for the State Pin design, and they took a bunch of pictures, this one being of the closing ceremony. I stared at it for a while and this was all I could think:


I need to stop looking at lolcats so much.

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First Two Comics!

08/04/08 | 1:09PM


Diary 08/04/08

Shortly after that one I felt like doing another, so here it is.


Dork 08/04/08

At least I'm honest, right?

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First Post!

08/03/08 | 2:52PM

First post on my "blog". Let's see if the PHP include decides to cooperate.

It does! Jubilance!

I think I'll host my "guinea pig" journal comic here, then... see what it's like. Then when I want to have my actual comics posted, I'll just steal this code and adjust it :P

One reason I'm motivated to start cleaning up this "studio" is because I'm in the middle of moving into an actual "studio" that I'm putting together in my basement. Behold the Batcave! ...the studio.

The Batcave!

As you can see it's a bit of a wreck, but I'm not the most organized person, so that's probably the cleanest it'll ever look. I hope not, at least.

The swords over the drafting table are there for if you interrupt me. :P

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